Wheel washing systems for self-assembly
New Generation
Clean and safe on the road

40 years of experience

The new generation of self-assembly washing systems
Vehicles driving onto public roads from construction and operation sites are usually covered in dirt and dust.  This means they represent a burden for the environment and a safety risk for other traffic using the road.  Gruber’s washing system offers a solution. Installed either on a stationary or a mobile basis at works exits, the washing systems clean construction or waste disposal trucks, as well as agricultural vehicles, both efficiently and economically.
Wheel washing system for HGVs RO-S-012
The model RO-S-012 wheel washing system can be used either in a fixed position or as a mobile unit, and has almost no restriction on length or width. The system works in exits with ascending or descending slopes and can also be upgraded with road or underground heating. RO-S-012 is especially suitable for HGVs, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles.

Wheel washing system for HGVs RO-S-013

Due to its size, the RO-S-013 washing system can only be used as a stationary unit. The system can be upgraded on the exit side with road or underground heating. The standard model is geared towards 1 or 2 HGV lanes at the same time. The second lane through is especially for long trucks, trucks, Pick-ups and cars with less dirt.

NEW: Additionally to the existing wheel washing system RO-S-013 a variant for smaller vehicles up to 7,5 t total weight has been devloped.

Wheel washing system for HGVs RO-S-012
Wheel washing system for HGVs RO-S-013
HGV drives through wheel washing system
Clean and safe on the road with wheel washing systems for HGVs from Gruber Washing Systems, Grossarl
New Generation
Clean and safe on the road
Cleanliness: Because it uses a water system which deposits the dirt on the ground, ground water does not become polluted.
Safety: The surface of the road is not polluted by the clean wheels, and the safety of other road users is not compromised.

The new, cost-effective alternative to wheel washing systems

Perfection in its simplicity
  • Reusability
  • Fast and simple construction
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Can also be ready for use without electricity or water supply (one-off initial filling with refilling as required)
  • Low purchase cost
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Safety on the roads with clean wheels
Clean and safe on the road, Gruber wheel washing system
Cleanliness for construction vehicles, HGV washing system